Thursday, October 6, 2011

OUCH! : McAllen is even eating Laredo's "Occupy Wall Street" lunch!

Occupy McAllen - Standing in solidarity with Occupy Wallstreet, and Occupy Together

LaredoTejas received a "heads up" from one of our regular readers Dan. We figured it was definitely worth posting.  It should really come as no surprise that McAllen, Texas is infinitely more in tune with the rest of America. Tomorrow, October 6th, McAllen will be joining the Occupy Wallstreet protest nationwide with it's own protest. provides visitors to the website with a map of the proposed march along with the following information:

Everyone meet at the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, then we march west on the sidewalk on the south side of Bus 83, then turn north on 14th St toward Archer Park

We meet at 5:30 (you can come earlier) and we march at 6PM.
Bring your smartphones, cameras, iPods, computers. Record everything!
If you’re posting on twitter or photobucket, use the hashtag/tag #occupymcallen

About Us

Currently in the US, the top 1% of the population control the majority of the nation's wealth while the rest of the 99% struggle to get by.

Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests that continue in NY, where what began as hundreds of out of work college graduates turned into thousands of protesters from all walks of life, Occupy McAllen brings those same issues, as well as the Valley's unique set of challenges to the growing national movement.

While no one set of demands are set forth, the growing occupy movement is progressing one No and many Yes's--One resounding No to corporate driven society and democracy, and increasing inequality in the US that is destroying both our communities and the earth. At the same time, our many Yes's advocate for freedom, liberty, equality, democracy, the protection of the earth and for the dignity of all its inhabitants.
Purpose: To peacefully protest with the rest of the world against corruption and greed. Please work with us all and let's make the revolution heard.


  1. There is also an Occupy San Antonio.

  2. Good for them (McAllen). It's good to know that people are actually paying attention.


  3. San Anto's was a joke. Only 15 people. :/

  4. The San Antonio one in the news:

  5. I only have one question for any occupy anywhere groups. Give me your concept of profit and loss. Pretty simple stuff really.

  6. The other 99% should profit while the riches 1% should lose for a change.