Thursday, October 13, 2011

UISD looks at the bright side: Reason to Celebrate! !

At UISD, theres Alway$$ reasons to Celebrate!

Laredo Morning Times Nick Georgieu is reporting this morning that the local school districts, UISD & LISD may warrant a visit from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) due to sub-par performances in several areas; more specifically, in their bi-lingual and carreer &technology programs.

At LISD, concerns about the passing rates in the Engish version of math, reading and science tests continue. Additionally, their bi-lingual program is also under state scrutiny. Carlos Rios, executive director of compliance and accountability admitted that "the state may intervene in their bi-lingual program".

More predictably, UISD again made the conscious decision to focus on optics. Their bevy of bad news was reported in today's LMT as follows:

1)UISD expects a possible visit from the Texas Education Agency because of performance concerns in the bilingual and career and technical education programs, a district official said this week.

2)According to United Independent School District data, students in the English as a Second Language, or ESL, program had subpar passing rates on the English version of the state’s 2011 math, reading and science exams.

3)Also, elementary school students in the bilingual education program struggled on the Spanish version of the math and science tests.

4) And limited English proficient and special education students in the career and technical education program posted below-average passing rates on the math, reading and science exams.
5)In late October, the Texas Education Agency is expected to notify districts that had low performance in certain programs about the level of intervention needed.

6) Interventions range from drawing up a corrective action plan to a TEA onsite visit.
Amidst this less than stellar performance news, UISD's counterpart to Mr. Rios over at LISD, elected to embellish the silver lining. Again from today's LMT:

While there was concern in some program areas, Guadalupe Gorordo, UISD executive director of instructional accountability, said the district met or surpassed various state standards.

There are reasons to celebrate,” she told the UISD school board’s instructional committee this week, pointing out, among other things, the low dropout rate for limited English proficient students.
Although LaredoTejas could not confirm it,  Ms. Gorordo could have very well been referring to the over 100,000 reasons ($$) to celebrate that make up her inflated salary.

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