Monday, October 17, 2011

Trickle effect? OK Henry, but trickle where?

I guess our congressman Henry Cuellar forgets from time to time that words exist because they convey meaning. In addressing the question of the trade agreements between the United States and Panama, Columbia & South Korea, Cuellar thinks they will have a "trickle effect".  Perhaps he meant to say "trickle down" as in Reganomics.  Maybe he was so much in a hurry to meet with his donors that he didn't have time to clarify which way he expects the "trickle" to occur.

From The Houston Chronicle:

Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo: “The agreements will have a trickle effect”

“As the Chairman of the Pro-Trade Caucus and representing a trade-centric district in South Texas, I strongly supported the passage of the trade agreements. Laredo, Texas, my hometown, is home to the nation’s largest inland trade post and the 6th largest trade port. These Free Trade Agreements will have a trickle effect in creating jobs in the 28th District of Texas and the rest of the state of Texas.”

“I am pleased with the highly bipartisan agreements that will advance international trade, keep the U.S. competitive, and create a quarter of a million U.S. jobs.”

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