Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Seven Bullets in a BackPack: luckily no one was hurt at LISD school

OK, make that ammunition at school

"Seven Bullets in a Backpack" might sound like a song title or even the name of a band but that's what Laredo Independent School District administrators found themselves grappling Monday morning. A teacher a JC Martin elementary found 7 bullets in a fourth grader's backpack.

The story, appearing in the LMT this morning says the LISD report does not state if any other students actually saw the bullets. My guess is that some student(s) did see them and that's what probably led to the teacher's finding them. Otherwise,we have to assume that either the student took it upon him/herself to disclose the bullets, OR, the teacher was going through the student's backpack and just happened to come across the ammunition.

Veronica Castillon sought to ease parents' concerns by reassuring them that guidelines are in place to prevent such occurrences.

From The Laredo Morning Times
The incident is the first of its kind this academic year for LISD, said Communications Director Veronica Castillon.

“This was an isolated incident,” Castillon said. “That campus continues to be (a) safe campus.”

Additionally, Castillon described the safety precautions taken districtwide.

“At every one of our campuses, we invest a lot of time and resources in the safety of our students,” she said.

“We have LISD police officers. Parents and visitors have to register when they come in and provide a valid

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