Monday, October 17, 2011

City of Laredo loves spending by the Million$$$ as in New Fleet Center

It looks like the people at the City manager's office love the idea of spending our tax money in increments of Million$$ at the time. As in:

The Arena  $40 Million

New baseball park  $20 Million

El Eden Rec Center  $40 Million $$$$

The Hines (Haynes) Rec Center  $40 Million

The future Mine Roads Rec Center $40 Million

The Paul Young autoplex on Loop 20   $10 Million

The City Manager & his three assistants' salaries:   $.6 Million dollars, an average of $150,000 each

Wow, I never realized how rich of a city we live in?  The latest joke is the New City of Laredo Fleet Management Center / Tax office now housed in the former Paul Young Autoplex on Loop 20.  Assistant City Manager Horacio De Leon, who earns about $150,000 a year claims that the building was a bargain at a whopping $10 Million dollars. Supposedly, it's "valued" at $15 Million. In this real estate market ? I guess the idea is that if they spend our money by the Million$, it'll make their bloated salaries look smaller.  Que Mugrero.

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  1. Spend the money on cleaning up Laredo!