Sunday, October 23, 2011

Occupy Laredo City Hall ? Occupy the $Million dollar new golf course?

"Asst. City Mgr De Leon, please make that $$$ check out to Robert Trent Jones Jr"  

No doubt there's already discussions about what other strategic places around Laredo should be considered for occupation. We at LaredoTejas would like to add our two cents worth and suggest (although I'm sure many already have) the peaceful occupation of  Laredo City Hall during the next city council meeting. For that matter, the Webb County court house during the next commissioner's meeting would also make sense.

Other sites that might merit an occupation include the multi-million dollar golf course currently under construction, the $20 Million dollar baseball park next to the Laredo Energy Arena and North Central Park. As some might have read in today's LMT, the local Occupy movement is already considering making its presence visible at Laredo's most historic site, Saint Agustine Plaza.

Mayor Salinas and assorted Politicos selling out Laredo


  1. As long as the peasants keep paying taxes to the Royals... the Royals will keep spending.

  2. FYI. House GOP wants to waive environmental laws on U.S. borders

    Read more:

    I wonder if our republican rep cuellar will vote to poison us again.

  3. Has anyone checked the Rion Grande for RadioActive Isotopes?