Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Webb tax abatement giveaway gets stalled

Cedro Hill wind farm near Bruni, Texas

Thanks to Webb county auditor Leo Flores, tax assessor-collector Patricia Barrera plus county commissioners Jerry Garza and Jaime Canales, Webb's tax abatement give-away was at least temporarily interrupted.  An item to extend tax abatements to White Tail Energy wind farms was tabled.  The four county officials mentioned above had concerns that the total number of  "new" jobs, 5, were not enough to justify the tax abatements.

Although White Tail Energy has announced that it's wind farm in East Webb County would mean amount to a  $125 Million investment, the turbines require virtually no employees to maintain them once they're up and running.  The county did approve a tax abatement deal for the Excel Logistics expansion on Mines Road.

This exemplies some of the problems the Wind energy has experienced in getting untracked. It obviously uses the bountiful renewal natural resources but that requires few job positions. This fact results in less tax abatements. Unfortunately, it all comes down to a  matter of economics again.

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