Friday, September 30, 2011

Henry Cuellar strikes Moses-Like Pose at TAMIU $$$ Giveaway

Our local colossal blog Bordertown Blues recently posted on congressman Henry Cuellar's pose at his latest Million Dollar giveaway at Texas A&M International University. While BTB correctly noted that Henry's pose was reminiscent of a scene right out of the cult classic The Warriors, there is another famous pose that Henry might have subconsciously been imitating.



  1. Ha, ha, ha.

    Vas a ver at the next BOLAS meeting. Colossal? Si tu . . .

    1. La Sanbe
    2. Laredo Tejas

    9. BT Blues
    10. The guy with the running blog that is updated once a year or so.

  2. You shall not pass!!!!!!

    Oh, wait, wrong bearded man and wrong movie.