Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mayor on Eagle Ford Shale: We're at your command !

Mayor admits who he's working for

If you thought the Mayor was in office to be at our service, at our command, think again. This past Tuesday, Mayor Raul Salinas clearly stated whose command he's at. No surprisingly, it's those darn Eagle Ford Shale folks again.  Yes, he's our Mayor and yes the people of Laredo voted him in but make no mistake, the Mayor answers first and foremost to the Oil and Gas people of the Eagle Ford Shale. He said so himself. He's a bit of what our illustrious Mayor had to say:

From Tuesday's September 5th city council meeting

"We wanna make sure that we’re right in the mix. We intend to make a visit to Cotulla and all those areas. The San Antonio chamber has visited that area 3 times. The Carrizo chamber has also visited that area. We wanna make sure that we take a busload to that area to let them know that we’re ready to do business and we mean business, we need to know what is it they need, we gotta go there  and show these folks that we are at their command, that we’re at their service".

"You gotta understand that if you don’t go knocking on their door, they’re not going to come knocking on your door. It’s about making sure these companies realize that we mean business, big business, billions and billions of dollars. A lot of people can benefit and I think that the people of Laredo want to work. I think that with that bonanza, we have to hone in and focus on…. and letting them know first hand that we mean business. We’re gonna get with it, we’re gonna make sure that …..I’m not afraid of San Antonio".


  1. Ay, que alcalde.

    Can Laredo go through a Recall Election?

  2. Another city, yes! Laredo, probably not. No one gives an oversized rodent's posterior.

  3. Laredo is like the kid who isn't allowed into the "cool" circle.

    Carrizo, Cotulla, and SA are all like, "No estes chingado."