Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Laredotejas stands corrected on balloon story

LT hears from Ms. Elangwe

Obviously, I still manage to unknowingly and unintentionally offend people from time to time. Case in point, my "balloon lady" story. My first take on it was that it was another publicity stunt and perhaps it was meant to get noticed. I guess it reminded me of the "balloon boy" incident. What I failed to see was that this publicity was simply a means of achieving the bigger goal of hopefully landing a job.

This morning, I received an e-mail from the subject of that story, Ms. Elangwe, wherein she proceeded to set me straight on this particular post. Once again, I have shown that I'm fully capable of being short-sighted from time to time. 

From Sherell Elangwe

I saw your article. I knew there'd be some negativity but I also thought more people would want to know the truth, not just make assumptions.

I have an Associate's degree and I'm finishing Bachelor's online (graduate this year). I have a great resume, great work history, great letters of recommendation...I have had great jobs, made great money! Never had a problem before the "recession." I was actually hoping to draw attention for more than myself. The unemployment rate is not just my problem. I have members in my church holding Master's degrees out of spotless. I have applied at Walmart and other lower paying jobs, they laugh and say I'm too qualified and can't believe I can't find work

I literally get online and fill out countless applications, send resumes, fax resumes...follow up with a call, even in person visits. I have four children, two in college. All I want is a job to provide for my family! And God knows I'm trying.

Also some reports have said I send out 100 balloons a week...the 100 jobs I apply for are the conventional way (as described above). The balloon idea was a last ditch effort and I had 20 balloons, most came back down and I picked them all up, popped and threw away.

And media misspelled my name it is Elangwe, not Elangway.

Have a great day. I'm sorry for offending you.