Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's been a year since city's $400,000 gift to Kell-Munoz

Yep, it's been one year with nothing doing!

I believe it was last September when Kell-Munoz held it's farce of a series of public input meetings at the civic center. Over a span of about a month, between 30 and 50 Laredoans showed up to see the transformational process of revitalization at work. One year later, every one's still waiting and not one single thing has been done. Yet, nearly one half Million dollars of Laredo taxpayer money has been wasted by our elected city council members.

The fact that they are elected is probably the worst part. If they were assigned by some big shot, then we could at least understand why they have absolutely no accountability. Sadly, people from all parts of Laredo, made it a point to go out during early voting and election day, Most people took time out of their busy days, used their own vehicles and gas to find their respective precinct and cast their ballot.

But, perhaps the reason, that our city council always returns to its smug and self-serving ways is because they know full well there is another kind of voter that they can depend on. These are the voters who essentially sell their votes to the most enterprising canonero/canonera, get a free ride to the polls along with specific voting instructions. These people will never complain because they could care less. Yet, these are the most important people in the eyes of our seedy council. No wonder things are in such a mess all the time.

So, again I ask.....what's is the latest development with the $400,000 Kell-Munoz giveaway.  I guess I should ask what's the first development with this entire debacle? I really don't think there's been one.


  1. How about the fancy San Antonio fundraisers for Laredo City Council members that Kell-Munoz sponsored? First it was for Mike Garza and then it was for the new crop of council members including Charlie San Miguel at Ruth Chris Steakhouse. Kell brought in the Spurs Manu Ginobili to mingle with our council members and CM Carlos Villarreal was there as well. Then there were the trips to Vegas with awesome seats to high dollar boxing matches on Kell’s dime.

    Has anyone ever heard of SA council members going to Houston or Houston council members going to Dallas for fundraisers? I doubt it happens. Only in Laredo! Does any of the mainstream media report any of this? Of course not, even if it seems very unethical. No wonder Charlie wants to pray before council meetings.

  2. I hear you. I guess that's why it was so refreshing to see County Attorney Anna Laura Cavazos-Ramirez bring up the commissioner's court being wined and dined by a bidder for the county's tax-collection contract. That was a rarity for Laredo. I hope she keeps it up. Thanks for reading and posting.

  3. Things take time to evolve.

    On the topic of lobbying, I want to know exactly what is allowed in Texas.


  4. It's about time somebody starts talking about the 900lb bought-and-paid-for Gorilla at the City and County.