Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Five minutes with Fox: Anne Coulter- "teachers are useless"

At Fox & Friends, the circus is always in town

What started off as a piling up on Jimmy Hoffa jr's comments in which he referred to the Tea Party republicans as SOB's, quickly expanded its wrath.  Ultra-hater Anne Coulter joined the regular clowns crew of Fox and Friends this morning and wasted no time in going after hard-working Americans.

Coulter whined on and on about how she couldn't believe that the unions in America have gone from defending truck drivers and other such "real men with real jobs" to standing up for "such a useless bunch of government workers like kindergarten teachers".

Former Miss America and co-host Gretchen Carlson even challenged Coulter by interjecting "I wouldn't call teachers useless" but to no avail. The frothing Coulter shot back "Well, I will" and continued with her worn-out republican idea about how school vouchers and privatizing the school systems is the answer. What happened with FOX's love of the constitution?  Isn't schooling specifically called for in our states' constitutions?  Oh well, I think this show belongs on Comedy Central.

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