Friday, September 2, 2011

Sheriff thrilled with grant money, looks forward to getting SWAT mobile

Look out for more potholes coming to the Gateway City

It was interesting to hear Sheriff Martin Cuellar's take on what his department might do with some of the big bucks heading his way compliments of brother Henry.  One thing in particular Martin Cuellar mentioned was the possible acquisition of an armored car used for SWAT purposes.  The sheriff explained that this getting such a vehicle would be very important, "because we've never had one before". It was not because "we need one" or "it is crucial to our operations" but simply because the department has never had such an impressive SWATmobile before.

It's not bad enough that our roads are being decimated by the fracking industry's convoy of trucks hauling stuff all over town, now we have a multi-ton armored car to deal with.


  1. Lovely, I could see that vehicle being used for arresting the beer run girls, streetwalkers on La Sanbe, and possibly, targeting those pesky homeless.


  2. I can almost see it barelling down La Sanbe knowing that they can arrest both the homeless and streetwalkers while saving time, money and gas. What does that Swatmobile get- 1/2 mile to the gallon?

  3. Now, now . . . it gets 3/4 miles per gallon. Don't be hypercritical of Laredo's finest.