Monday, September 12, 2011

Then, suddenly....poof!..there were a 100 new jobs for Laredo!

"We at McAllen's Lunch" this calls for a celebration!

Mayor Salinas appeared on Pro8News at noon and announced 100 new, mysterious jobs coming to Laredo. He said it was the "personal touch" that allowed Laredo to prevail over Nogales, Az., El Paso and McAllen. The Mayor had few details and, for the moment, I couldn't find anything online about such a development.

The Mayor said that a company named something like XL or Excell was expanding it's distribution center and will have a groundbreaking soon. He said the 100 new jobs will be good-paying jobs and he emphasized that "everyone's always talking about McAllen eating our lunch, well, this time, we ate McAllen's lunch!".

I checked the Internet, the City of Laredo's website and the LDF website but no mention of any new jobs coming to the Gateway City. I guess it's one of those things the Mayor likes to keep secret.  Pro8News co-anchor Victoria Marshall even asked the Mayor why we hadn't heard anything about this before. The Mayor, of course, said that it had been in the works and lauded the City Manager and Webb County. 

Ironically, Salinas, who has been gun-ho about reaching out to the fossil-fuel oil/gas industry with their reputation of polluting our air and water, said that these would be "Green" jobs. I guess he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Take that McAllen! Our Mayor is eating your lunch AND your cake.


  1. Excel is a forwarding agency out in the Mines Road area. Nothing new. The city should brag when they get a NEW company to relocate here.

  2. That's what I'm wondering. Maybe there's not much of a deal and the Mayor's exagerating again. It probably fell right in their lap.

  3. While jobs are good and all that, I think it probably has more to do with the typical grandstanding that is charecteristic of the city leaders.

    By the way, how about a Laredoan petition to put a moratorium on city leaders saying they "ate anybody's lunch?"