Monday, September 19, 2011

On the rise in Carrizo Springs

Vaquero Investment Properties is in the process of building a 96-unit apartment complex in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale, Carrizo Springs, Texas.  For many years, Cleos has been the main investor in town. Whenever I would travel to "Carrizo", I noticed almost every business had the name Cleo attached to it. There was a Cleo's chicken, Cleo's drive-inn, Cleo's gas station, Cleo's laundromat , you name it- Cleo was in on it.

That was then- now, it's the out of town, big money that's swooping down and investing millions upon millions. Whether it be the countless oil and gas operators destroying our Texas brush land or wide-eyed opportunists seeking to capitalize on the current boom, it's all out-of-town money now. As our illustrious mayor Raul Salinas said "San Antonio's chamber of commerce has made 4 trips to Carrizo Springs and is eating our lunch". Well, it looks like most of the lunch-eaters will be coming in from further and further away.


  1. When the gas runs out someday, hopefully all this new development will still be in operation for us to enjoy. At that point, Carrizo will have to find a new way to attract people.


  2. Maybe they can advertise themselves as a town depicting what Oil & Gas companies leave behind when they're done with you.

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