Tuesday, September 27, 2011

City should lower our water rates instead of monkeying around

Wi-Fi in the city of Laredo parks?  Is that really a good way to spend our money. If the city needs ideas on what to do with taxpayer funds that will benefit everyone in town, lower the water rates! It is a shame that the city has gone on spending on an $18M baseball park and now wi-fi?

I know the city had to raise water rates to build a new plant or something to that effect but it's not impossible to help out all citizens by restructuring the current plans. They should do whatever is necessary to lower the water rates for all Laredoans. Everyone needs water to live and for their homes so what a better way to actually improve the quality of life in Laredo than to lower our rates.

Stop playing games and patting each other on the back and do something that will really help people on a day-to-day basis.  This would be a good start!


  1. Quiero wifi, quiero wifi, quiero wifi! No te enojes pero quiero wifi :P

  2. i disagree. we need to conserve water. and lowering rates won't do that.

    si de por si, people still clean their driveways by hosing them down.

    we have lots of bad habits in this town. maybe if the city could lower the rates for those users with a demonstrated commitment to lowering their water usuage, then i'd agree.

    i bet most folks still haven't caught on to turning off the sink while they brush their teeth. they probably get their toothbrush wet at the start and leave it running while they brush.

  3. I just read about a water/electric conservation incentive program in Austin. The lower the water/electricity you use, the lower your rate. Conversely, the more you consume, the higher your rate. Makes sense to me. This is what Laredo should do and it should be the same for residential and business entities alike including Fracking companies (that is, when they are not outright stealing the water from residential fill ups or city fire hydrants).


  4. I agree: conservative users should be encouraged and reward with low rates and he opposite should also be true. There is already a higher rate for the more water you use but I think it's only applied to the amount of water that goes over a certain limit. For example in Laredo, any amount used in excess of 50,000 gallons costs $3.99 as opposed to about $1.80 for 10,000 gallons and under. Good point Dan.

  5. P.S. I heard on tonight's news that the city is ending stage 3 rationing. I bet there is a tie-in to the planned sale of water to the fracking industry.