Sunday, September 25, 2011

Roll out the Cliches

From The San Antonio Express News
The Texas Tribune recently held a Festival of sorts during which many topics were discussed by several panels. One of the topics included that of race and immigration as it pertains to Texas' border with Mexico. Following are just a few responses given by US Representative Henry Cuellar. Although Cuellar starts us with the cliche about how the Rio Grande doesn't divide-but unites, he later sounded more like the Blue Dog Republican he's becoming.
From The Texas Tribune
Brandi Grissom from The Texas Tribune leads off with a question about whether states should take over immigration from the feds. Asks Cuellar what the situation is in Laredo.

Cuellar: “The Rio Grande does not divide us, it unites us with Mexico. For anybody that thinks you can just put a fence and cut off (trade) it will have an economic impact.”
Cuellar adds: "I personally do not believe in amnesty. You have to have a legal guest-worker program. The figures don’t match the rhetoric, with all due respect.
"I am a big supporter of Secure Communities." The program was intended to weed out criminal aliens, but has come under fire for targeting non-criminal immigrants and separating families.
Talk about changing one's stripes. I guess republican-leaning Henry just doesn't like Metzico as much as he once did.


  1. Guest worker programs are awful!

    and Secure communities has not worked like it was supposed to.

    when is Laredo going to wake up and call our rep on the carpet for taking such right wing positions?

  2. He won't hold any townhall meetings at which the public can bring up any questions they might have about his policies.