Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Follow the money: End to water restrictions coincides with sale of water to fracking companies

Fracking industry, we are at your command! May I pour you a drink??

If anyone was really surprised that the City of Laredo was lifting water restrictions in the midst of the worst drought in Texas history, then you don't know our city leaders.  At last Monday's council meeting, the issue of selling water to the fracking companies came up. WaterMaster Tomas Rodriguez gave presentation to the seedy council and he suggested that the city sell water to the fracking companies at $8 dollars per thousand gallons, up from the current $4 rate.

The problem is that the city will also raise the rates for construction companies and to the residents of colonias. Construction companies will go fro $4 to $8 per thousand gallons while the colonia residents will be gouged with a 300 percent rise in their water costs. Whereas, they now pay $2 per thousand gallons, they will also be paying the new rate of $8. 

I guess the Mayor, seedy council and staff will do anything and step on anybody to cater to the oil and gas industry who will be getting their water at less than current industry rate of $11 per thousand gallons. As mayor Raul Salinas has said in the past, " We are at your command"!  I know the mayor looks like a genie but does he have to act like one towards the fracking industry?

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