Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who knew: We have a Sony Repair Service Center ?

Found this post from some Seattle blog:

My brand new Sony camera has gone to Texas without me! It left yesterday via the U.S. Mail to The Sony Repair Service Center in Laredo. Nice town…we’ve been there! Although I wouldn’t want to be there this time of the year…yesterday it was 104 degrees! Almost right out of the box I encountered a memory card slot problem.

Very disappointing for a Sony Product. I really like my new camera and I'm hoping it doesn't have to be down in Texas for very long.


  1. pentax... nikon.. canon.. pero sony?

  2. Exactly! Nambre, Sony no! Not that I even own a camera.

  3. See, we do have something McAllen does not. Take that. Oye, y pa donde mando mi Polaroid. Ya no jala.

  4. Esa se la mandas al Smithonian Institute repair shop.