Sunday, August 28, 2011

From Laredo to Valley, school districts considering a "Hurricane Alex" tax

I have to admit that, locally, I haven't heard any mention of tax increases at either local district. But, a Valley newspaper is reporting differently. Let's hope that this does not affect Laredo. It's already bad enough that our Webb County leaders are trying to increase tax revenues to help offset the nearly $1 million dollars they squandered by mismanaging state and federal programs.

In any event, enjoy The Weather Channel's interview with our illustrious Mayor, Raul Salinas.  Incidentally, Tropical Depression 2 was the system formerly known as Hurricane Alex-one and the same.

Interestingly enough, the embedded video depicts Mayor Salinas repeatedly making mention of how well Laredo & Nuevo Laredo work together. Starting at the 1:40 mark, Salinas makes at least 2 references to the unity of Los Dos Laredos. How times have changed!

From The McAllen Monitor

EDINBURG — More than a year after Hurricane Alex swept through deep South Texas, some Rio Grande Valley school districts plan to bank on the natural disaster and require state taxpayers to help them avert budget cuts.

On Tuesday, the Edinburg school board voted 6-2 to approve a so-called disaster tax rate option, which allows districts to declare essentially any school repairs as disaster-related and worthy of millions of dollars in extra state aid.

Trustees in La Feria, Laredo, McAllen, Monte Alto and Progreso also have considered the little-known loophole, said Kevin O’Hanlon, a veteran education consultant who has advised each district as part of the Austin-based O’Hanlon, McCollom and Demerath law firm.

“On June 30 of 2010, Hurricane Alex hit the Valley. There was a lot of rain,” O’Hanlon said.
With the disaster tax rate option, local “taxpayers in the main receive no overall tax increase,” he added. Yet “it’s a significant amelioration to the cuts districts received” from the Texas Legislature.


  1. What Laredo needs is good teachers and.... students who will stay in Laredo once they succeed.

  2. I would add to that, that we also need good principals and other administrators. Principals in Laredo can be very vindictive and make all sorts of inane decision simply to push their authority around. The should clean house and re-advertise every single principal/vice principal jobs in both districts.