Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Laredo Tlaquache sees shadow sweating, two more weeks of Canicula

"Chale,  le voy a poner p'al canton"

It now appears that this year's Canicula will not only be one of the hottest on record, it will also be longer than usual. Forget Punxsatawney Phil ! Laredo's own Teofilo Tlaquache came out of his garbage can this afternoon and saw his shadow sweating.  That signals that instead of the Dog Days ending today, they will now continue for another couple of weeks-according to legend.

In case there's any doubt that La Canicula is going to continue at full force, especially this coming weekend, get a load of Heatwave Behrler's forecast.

He is predicting that the highs for this Saturday & Sunday will be around 110 degrees. Those temperatures will be among the hottest this year, if not THE hottest.

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