Sunday, August 7, 2011

He-could-go-all-the-way!! : not as likely on NFL kickoffs as before, unless.....

Now that the NFL is back in the business of playing football, we are starting to hear some of the changes taking place. Improving player safety is one thing that has been getting a lot more attention and rightfully so. No one likes to see players get injured. There's a pretty good chance to there will be less injuries this coming year, at least on kickoffs.

The NFL will be moving point from where kickoffs will be made from a team's own 30 yard line to their 35 yard line. This should result in a lot more touchbacks overall as well as less kickoff returns being taken "all-the-way". One commentator mentioned that this shortened field of play on kickoffs might take away from of the excitement of the game. Who knows, maybe the old days of multi-laterals will make a comeback as a way of dealing with the new rule.

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