Monday, August 22, 2011

Oil & Gas fracking Industry continues to buy its way throughout our area

Computer Donation

Pictured above at left is Jose Ceballos, spokesman for ANGA; the American Natural Gas Alliance after apparently donating some computers to our local churches. It's hard to argue against that! ANGA's standard operating practices include going into communities where they'll be fracking and literally buying their way around.

What better advertising can the industry get than having the local media cover and publicize these strategically calculated donations? An example of the way they work, ANGA recently funded a film project by some students from Encinal entitled Got Gas? Predictably, the film focuses on only the positive side of the fracking boom currently engulfing Encinal and other communities in South Texas, including Webb county.

What are the chances that ANGA has been throwing money around our elected officials whether they be at the local, county, state and/or federal level?


  1. You know, there was an interesting article in the September _Texas Monthly_ about the dire straits of West Texas in regards to water.

    A small little blurb mentioned the role of the fracking industry on the region's water supply and how many residents can no longer stand the taste of it.

    It made me wonder about the future of South Texas. People take water for granted in the Lone Star State but within a decade, chaos will likely ensue unless some serious long-term planning is done. The idea (fallacy) of green lawns should be addressed sooner rather than later in Texas. (I know el Key Rose has addressed it many times).

  2. I guess what it boils down to is......we need an anti-fracking mascot!

    I can almost hear the drilling operators, "where do we drill boss"? "Right there- right in the middle of this dried-up river bed!, just don't trip on those cracks of parched Earth"!

  3. An Anti-Fracking mascot? Like a Tlacuache holding a water hose?

  4. Or....foraging in a recycling bin.

  5. Ha! Laredo tlacuaches don't forage in recycling bins, they take the entire can and pedal away under the cover of darkness, hoping to sell the conents and make a few extra bucks.