Monday, August 15, 2011

Texas Geography: Mayor probably was absent that day

"I pledge allegiance to the fracking of the United States of America and to the exploitation for which it stands."

Tonight, at city hall, several members of Laredo's Safe Fracking Coalition spoke out on the issue of the city's proposed Eagle Ford Shale (EFS) task force and its eventual makeup. The gist of their argument was that they,or others like them, who are in favor of protecting the public's health, the environment as well as our natural resources should be allowed a prominent role.

It was clear the mayor was not happy with these public comments at all, repeatedly trying to interrupt the first speaker, RGISC executive director Tricia Cortez. After a few more speakers, it was the Mayor's chance to stand up for the oil and gas companies.  Practically foaming at the mouth, every other word seemed to be "jobs, jobs, jobs"!  Soon, Salinas was carrying on about how San Antonio is eating our Eagle Ford Shale, oil-soaked lunch.

Obviously, the mayor over looked one minor fact: San Antonio is not active in the Eagle Ford Shale Play. It's a just a tad too far to the North for that. The bulk of the current activity is around Carrizo Springs, Cotulla and Encinal as well as Northwest Webb county. I figured Mayor Raul Salinas must have skipped school the day Texas geography was taught in school.

The Mayor later added that only individuals who are willing to roll up their sleeves, work hard and possess an "open mind" would be considered for the task force. This is code for saying that there has to be complete agreement with the mayor and his oil/gas cronies. Our beloved mayor made it clear that he believes the industry should be allowed  carte blanch to do as they please with Laredo and Webb County's natural resources.

Update:  There must be a blue moon out tonight. Reliable sources have informed me that good ol' San Antonio does straddle the Eagle Ford Shale somewhat.  I guess my comment that "San Antonio is not active" should have read  "not as active" maybe. I guess I'll have to talk to our oil/gas editor when he comes back from giving his latest University presentation.

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  1. Open mind would be considering and respecting constituents while they speak.