Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The con continues: Lemur Field & LEA hosting same type of events

It was interesting to how easy it is to con Laredo's leaders. The guy in charge of the wimpy Laredo Lemurs now says that they will hold about 50 baseball games as well as boxing (same as LEA), concerts (same as LEA) , all sorts of other community events (same as LEA). What's the deal here? If there's not enough action to justify having the $38 million dollar LEA, how can they try to justify the $18 million dollar baseball park which, according to Schuster, will be hosting the exact same kind of events-save for baseball.

On another note, he says there will be 50 amateur baseball games; is that code for Pony League or Little League. Something tells me that they are going to cater to the Pony League again just as city leaders have since the idea was first brought up before our inept city council.

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  1. Hmmm, I don't think outside concerts at the baseball stadium are a good idea. I always believed the ole' Civic Center can be revamped into a sort of amphitheater. There's shade around the green (last I remembered), and the local businesses around there can use a spark (particularly the wrought iron and curio shops nearby).