Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lemurs likely lack Laredo's loyalty: Except for the Mayor & Council

But the bottom line is....we gotta think of the little guy, then ignore them!

As mentioned by BTB, Baseball Digest had a piece on today's naming of the Laredo Baseball team officially as the Laredo Lemurs. Carpetbagger in Chief, Mark Schuster, he who poked the city's eyes had the following to say: 

From Baseball Digest
We have an interesting name for a new Laredo team coming online next season: the Laredo Lemurs (independent; American Association), with the team name and logo unveiled at the City of Laredo Council Chambers today.

The team name was selected after more than 400 fans suggested names in a month-long name-the-team contest. The Lemurs moniker pays tribute to the mighty prehistoric lemurs that roamed region, and for embodying the kind of fun fans can expect at the ballpark in 2012.

“We had three criteria for choosing the team name. First, the name had to have some relevance to Laredo history past or present. Second, the name had to be unique to professional baseball teams and third it had to be a name and logo that kids would embrace,” said Mark Schuster, owner of Laredo Professional Baseball. “I am thrilled that we have found a name that embodies all three
Never has putting on a couple of power-point presentations and throwing out a bunch of B.S. paid off so handsomely for so few at the expense of so many.


  1. Corruption runs deep. Shuster is the puppet of Chuy Olivares and Carlos Villarreal, who are the real people stealing the $20 million into their pals pockets.

    Shuster and Ventura have 0.00 dollars. It's all Chuy Olivares and some in city hall making this stadium for them.

    Keep an eye on Olivares and you will see for yourself.

  2. Sounds pretty bad. I did notice that it was Olivares doing all the talking before the cameras. How does the Pony League play into this if at all? I noticed the city fast-tracked them from day one.

  3. Keep your eyes on Chuy Olivares.

    He promotes his MMA / Boxing matches through Lester Bedford, who works at Ventura Sports. He's been doing that for years.

    When Chuy, Belmares, Tito Garcia and others made a trip to Dallas, it was to work a secret handshake deal to bring them in under conditions that they "Villarreal, Olivares, Belmares, Tito, etc." are really the ones running it.

    They are using taxpayer money to swindle the deal towards their friends in construction and into their own pockets when they have control over special events.

    Keep watching Olivares, never seen an Assistant city manager so involved with 1 business in my life. Why? Because he is going to profit off of it.

    Just keep your eyes on Chuy Olivares, you will get all your answers.

    It's Carlos Villarreal, Chuy Olivares, Tito Garcia, Juan Narvaez, Johnny Rendon, Gene Belmares and Mike Garza.

    Keep your eyes on Chuy Olivares.

    Always ask for FOIA requests on the money being spent.

  4. Parks and Rec. dept. has their hands in this via Chuy Olivares. Keep an eye on Parks and Rec. as well.