Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AT&T cell customers suffer withdrawals as service is interrupted


Pro8news reported on the looooong AT&T service interruption experienced by many Laredo cell phone customers. The channel 8 news clip showed a bevy of irate customers at a local AT&T location. As much time as some people spend on their cell phones, it sure appeared that many were having some sort of withdrawal symptons. I am not sure what the symptons for cell phone withdrawals are but I think one of them is repeatedly checking your phone over and over to see if there is a dial tone.

More importantly, Tim Gutierrez report that Laredo's 911 service has been restored after also having been interrupted earlier in the afternoon. Laredotejas could not confirm if there was any truth to reports that several cell addicts were camping outside their respective AT&T service centers.


  1. What a )$#%*(@& pain in the !#$(*^#$*)!! I was stranded and not able to call a taxi or friend to pick me up.

  2. Damm ATT, they should have a back-up carrier or something. Sorry to hear that.