Wednesday, August 17, 2011

City cowers to Fracking bully

Fracking Industry: "Don't talk to me about safety, I'll do as I please!"

The following letter appeared in today's Laredo Morning Times. It compares Laredo's bend-over-backwards relationship with the fracking industry to a bullied kid. You can read the entire letter at by clicking on the link below. It was submitted by Ms. Virginia Palacios who's with the Safe Fracking Coalition.

To the editor:

You know that kid in school who hangs out with his popular “best friend” who’s always mean to him?

His parents tell him, and everyone knows, that the popular kid really isn’t his friend.

But he continues to hang out with the bully because he likes being with the “in” crowd.

When it comes to the oil-and-gas boom, Laredo is like that bullied kid.

The kid wants to have more friends, and we want to have more jobs.

But does he have to lose his dignity, or we our environmental health, just to be “popular”?

Illegal waste handling from “fracking” is happening here: dumping in creeks, disposal in unlined pits, and spills on city streets.

We don’t have to get pushed around just so we can have jobs.

We have leverage — fossil fuels are scarce, and we were geologically gifted with an abundance of them.

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  1. Laredo's environmental record and healthcare quality is already piss poor. I can see it now, a wasteland full of tumor ridden leper's.

  2. And depleted of oil and gas to boot! Yet, the city caters to just about every whim of these opportunists.

  3. Seems South Texas can only attract "burro" jobs.

    Harp all you want about the pay and financial benefits of fracking. It's temporary, it's not changing prices at the pump, and it's predisposing lives to grave health risks, including its workers.

  4. "Burro" jobs + "Burro" mayor + "Burro" City Council = Laredo.

    Sounds about right...