Sunday, August 28, 2011

When will Mayor Salinas meet with Haliburton and Slumber J ?

Laredo settles for Eagle Ford morsels while San Antonio plans a feast!

San Antonio's Economic Development Foundation is headed by former US H.U.D. Secretary Henry Cisneros.  He, along with former Mayor Wolff have been meeting with Haliburton and Schulember officials about possibly building a huge Eagle Ford Shale center of operations in the Alamo City. This is what is called thinking big. The type of jobs associated with such a headquarters will include many highly-paid positions such as directors, administrators, researchers and the like.

Although San Antonio appears to be shoe-in, the plans are not final. I wonder why our travelling Mayor Raul Salinas hasn't mentioned anything about meeting with these industry fat cats? I guess he's willing to accept that San Antonio is one more city that will devour our lonche.  Like I've said before: they'll let Laredo have all the lower-level jobs but save the really transformational investment for cities like San Antonio. OK, Mayor, you love to travel- now go do your job!

Excerpted from Friday's SA Express News

Oil-field services giant Halliburton Co. is shopping for a “supersite” in San Antonio that would employ hundreds to serve its clients that are drilling in the Eagle Ford shale, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said Thursday.

“We're definitely looking” to establish a site in the San Antonio area, Halliburton spokeswoman Tara Mulee Agard said. But because the company hasn't finalized plans, she said she couldn't say how many positions the office might include.

Bexar officials said this wasn't yet a done deal, but they were optimistic it would come together.
“It looks promising,” Wolff said, and added that Halliburton likely will make a decision in 30 to 60 days.
If Houston-based Halliburton does establish a major office in San Antonio, it “would be the biggest (Eagle Ford-related company) in terms of employment as well as diversity of the jobs,” Wolff said.

Because the company would bring high-paying jobs, landing it would be tantamount to San Antonio's winning the Toyota pickup plant, he said.


  1. Someone's on a roll. After reading your last couple of posts, I'm scratching my head wondering when and who will step up to the plate to get Laredo out of this uncomfortable lull.

    Tourism? Nope, city leaders couldn't attract a fly towards sh!t. Fracking? See above article. Import/export? Beating a dead horse. We need new ideas and new leadership altogether. Not one or the other. -_-

  2. For some reason they're happy to keep things the way they are-pitiful. I guess they're getting rewarded as things stand now and they figure why mess it up.