Monday, August 22, 2011

Amid chaos, Webb County wants to raise tax revenues by a cool $2 Million

Lastima de edificio tan bonito: Pity,such a beautiful structure

Webb County appears to be trying to raise some quick cash to make up for the nearly $1 million they've lost in reimbursements to the state of Texas. Due to incompetence, the county will likely not be reimbursed for over $400,000 squandered by the Community Action Agency's weatherization program nor an additional $500,000 frittered away by their fumbling of the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP).

The absence of these reimbursements means that the taxpayers have to pay for this waste instead.  Of all the local governments, the county should be the last to be even thinking of raising any taxes on the citizens they have so poorly represented.

The first hearing on this tax increase is being held this morning at 10am at the Webb County courthouse. The second and last hearing will also be held at the shenanigans-plagued courthouse on Monday, August 29th also at 10am. It's fitting that they would hold them when most people are at work.  Not surprising from the bunch of  sinverguenzas!

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