Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Narvaez blames SFC for Laredo businesses not capitalizing on Eagle Ford Shale opportunities

Laredo Dry Cleaners taken to the Cleaners!

Another funny thing happened at last night's city clowncil meeting. Councilman Juan Narvaez seemed to blame the Safe Fracking Coalition for a missed business opportunity. It appears that no one in Laredo was bright enough to think that there might be a big need for dry cleaning services for oil field workers. Consequently, someone up in San Antonio did think of this and proceeded to act quickly, beating Laredo businesses to the punch. Instead of blaming Laredo for falling asleep at the wheel on this opportunity, Narvaez instead chose to blame "these people" referring to a group of Safe Fracking Coalition members who had just spoken a few minutes earlier.

Juan Narvaez :

Mayor, at the meeting today, Mike and I met with LDF, I learned today , In Carrizo Springs, there's no dry cleaners there. and most of those people that are affiliated with this field. Theres a company out of San Antonio and talk about competiton, they're coming down by truckloads out of San Antonio, they're taking the clothes to be dry cleaned and willing to wait 5 days.
So what I'm trying to say is we're talking about competition and here we are trying to fight these people here, they're sending the business to San Antonio that's we're talking about, we're trying to be competitive but at the same time, we got to be safe.(looks over to SFC group) 
Mayor:  Well said!  That's why we need to get on the ball!

Really Mayor?  Well Said??  Here's the link. Narvaez starts speaking at the 1hour, 18 minutes, 25 seconds mark-more or less.  Judge for yourself. Clink on the Monday, August 15, 2011 meeting at top.



  1. What a bunch of clowns.

  2. Maybe Laredo could find a way to mount some 8-liners on a portable trailer. Let San Antonio try to steal that buffet!

  3. I am not a big fan of the SFC, however, to blame them for lack of vision of our local business community is idiotic at best.

    Besides there are lots of Laredo businesses that are part of the EFS project. From parts suppliers, trucking companies, builders, building suppliers, accounting, legal, and process improvement groups.

    Just because they don't check in with city hall does not mean that business is waiting for the politicos. There is money to be made, and they are going after it.

  4. Not a big fan Tom? I thought you were a key member? OK just kidding. Glad to hear Laredo Businesses are taking the initiative-as should be. I guess the Mayor/council just don't like not being able to take credit for everything.

    Tom, what's your take on the Mayor's big show yesterday signing some sort of documents with a Mexican state and Chile? Was it San Luis Potosi? I forget. What's your take on that deal?

  5. I'm seriously mad as hell at the way these council members was so darn condescending toward the Safe Fracking Coalition members. I watched the whole segment, including the preceding public commentary, and it was absolutely shameful. They don't give a damn about environmental issues; obviously they care more about a city "taking their lunch." Don't these council members, many who are tied with the business community, realize that no area belongs to one city when it comes to business? You either jump on it or lose it. Stupid, stupid, STUPID.


    I am fuming right now. Why should I live in a city that doesn't care about my well-being?