Monday, August 22, 2011

Boots on the ground, Boots on the ground: buzz phrase still going strong

Looks like someone is missing a boot!

Perhaps no one has been known the use the term "boots on the ground" as much as our very own Mayor Salinas, but it sure has a way of getting around. You would figured that by now, the media and law enforcement would have come out with a new, fresher catch phrase, but not so.

If not used carefully, the term can have some unintended amusing results. Not long ago, a local law enforcement leader was speaking about an incoming group of 49 new recruits. As he spoke to Pro8news, he said something to the effect of  "we're very glad to have this new group joining us. Once they're done with their training, we'll have 49 more boots on the ground.

I remember hearing that and thinking to myself, "some one's missing a boot".  Incidentally, if this sounds familiar, it's because I probably wrote about it long ago. So the rule is : before using the term boots on the ground, at least make sure you're dealing with an even number.


  1. *sings* You lookin like a fool, with those boots on the ground!!!! XD

  2. How about the Air Force, are they boots in the air? Or the Coast Guard-you get my drift. I know, boots on the water doesn't have the same ring.