Sunday, August 21, 2011

La Canicula ends this week


I don't know just how official any of this is but I've heard that the dreaded Canicula (dog days) lasts from July 14th to August 24th. This means that this coming Wednesday should be the last day of the 40 day period recongnized as the hottest time of the year.

I have noticed that a few times in years past, we've gotten some sort of change in the prevailing weather pattern around the time the Canicula ends. This might be in the form of a shower, thunderstorm or some other noticeable change. This definitely would be something most of us would welcome especially since school is starting up again. Although we normally still get a lot of hot days through September or even October, they are not as extreme and changes to the weather pattern start occurring a lot more often after the end of the dog days. I guess we'll see what Heatwave has to say about our record heat/drought this coming week.


  1. Maybe that should have been the newest team's name - los Caniculeros :P

  2. Los meros, meros Caniculeros! Actually, it's got a nice ring. Maybe the next team, these leaping lemurs probably won't be around long. Unless......there's a Madagascar 4 and 5 or something.