Friday, August 12, 2011

Canicula: Laredo records all-time record high/low

This morning, the temperature here in Caniculaville managed to get "down" only to 84 degrees. According to Heatwave, this is the highest low temperature in Laredo for any day, any month for as long as records have been kept. What chance do we have of avoiding the afternoon temperature to hit 105 or higher when the early morning temp is already in the mid 80s.

I think the Laredo Fire Department should go around town dousing those few brave pedestrians and homeless with some refreshing H20. I've heard that in this kind of weather, one can even fry a couple of eggs on the sidewalk. Throw in a couple of bacon strips for that added sizzle.

Sadly, Pro8news had a report on a homeless man in Nuevo who apparently passed away as a result of heatstroke. These are extremely hot days and everyone should exercise appropriate caution.

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