Monday, August 15, 2011

"Laredo 1755" logo is tabled at tonight's city council meeting

     Freshman councilman Jorge Vera tabled his own recommendation. Vera had proposed that both the city's logo and slogan be changed. Instead of "The Gateway to Mexico" with the familiar 7-flag logo, Vera had suggested a revamped logo with the US flag taking a more prominent role on center top. At the bottom, the proposed logo simply reads "Laredo 1755".  As it turned out, the new councilman decided to give the matter a bit more reflection before he brings it up for a vote.

     Not to be deterred, we, at LaredoTejas still feel very strongly that the BTB-inspired logo pictured below would be the best way to go.  It is, at once, the most accurate and the one that resonates with most Laredoans. A recent poll by BOLAS reveals that fully 70 per cent of Laredoans would be proud to display the avant-garde logo.

Street basketball, runaway carts, discarded tires, stray dogs....ahhh Laredo Proud!


  1. Laredo Tejas:

    You are a true maestro with the pen/pencil . . .

    Sweet logo

  2. Actually, crayons. OK, pencil. Hows BOLAS been treating you? Watch out for the Michelin man-especially on LLanta Thursday.

  3. Maximiliano > Da Vinci

    Always on the lookout for BOLAS. Always.

  4. To make it more current there needs to be some mention of fracking plus the addition of the valley and San Antonio eating our lunch.