Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gateway City tax sales & use allocations up almost 14 % from last January

"mmm let's see how should we squander these $Millions?"

From the Texas State Comptroller's office:

Laredo's January,2012 sales & use tax allocation  & comparison summary

Jan,2011                   Jan,2012                change
$2,973,111               $2,613,188             13.77 increase

Comptroller Susan Combs added that, statewide, sales and use revenues have increased for the 21st consecutive month.

I can almost see the seedy council & mayor salivating with anticipation of how to spend these millions of taxpayer's hard-earned money. Is there some sort of immunization shot for that kind of foaming at the mouth?


  1. Next big ticket item will be a new convention center as soon as LISD buy the old Civic Center.

  2. nothing but big ticket items it seems!


  3. How about spending money on printing tickets and hiring a code inspector to make sure people clean up their properties? Discarded LLantas..$35 per... llerbas...$35...junked cars...etc...tICKET!

  4. UH OH, Max, recheck the numbers...you have 2012 down from 2011. If the decline is correct, that is more in tune with what retailers have said nationally.

  5. OOPs my mistake! 2011 was 2.6M and 2011 was 2.9 M. There has definitely been an increase according to Comptroller Combs.

    Thanks for pointing that out Tom. You know our city leaders will find something to do with the big bucks!