Thursday, January 5, 2012

Make that two witnesses

Pro8News reported today on the unfortunate abduction of Max, the Petland Mascot along with several puppies. Let's hope that these pets are returned safely to those who will take care of them.

One minor correction to the Pro8news story: it mentions that there might have been one "witness" to the crime. Come to think of it, make that two possible witnesses. The dictionary defines witness as someone who can give a first hand account of something seen, heard or experienced. Don't put it past Max to be able to provide some valuable info on his abductors. Of course, first of all, he has to be found. Good Luck to the PetLanders. We hope you find Max and his entourage.  


  1. We need a pet detective on this case.


  2. Where's Ace Ventura when you need him? Maybe Hawaiin shirts are out of season.