Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oye!, Wait! Don't we have more sun than San Antone???

Ahhh! look at all those trees so peacefully co-existing with Solar Energy!

Yes, I know you've heard it before but here it goes again: San Antonio is eating our lunch!  In this particular case, it's eating our lunch under clear, bright sunny skies, thumbing its sunburned nose at us all the while. As the following excerpt from an article appearing today in alludes to, the Alamo City is about to embark on a solar energy venture which should eventually yield 800 jobs.

This 800 jobs will be clean, renewable energy jobs as opposed to the fossil-fuel driven jobs associated with the not-so-clean, water-intensive, sludge-spewing fracking jobs belching their way around the Eagle Ford Shale throughout South Texas.


CPS Energy is expected to announce today that OCI Solar Power, whose parent is a South Korean chemical company, has been selected to build 400 megawatts of solar power and bring more than 800 jobs to San Antonio, sources close to the deal say.

CPS Energy on Tuesday would not confirm the identity of the company, which it will announce at an 11 a.m. news conference. A call to OCI Solar Power, headquartered in Atlanta, was not immediately returned.

The CPS project, which would be one of the largest in the country when it's complete — 400 megawatts is enough to power 80,000 homes — will be built in small chunks around San Antonio and Bexar County


  1. 800 jobs, I doubt. What solar brings to SA is higher electric prices. The cells will be manufactured in either China or S Korea. SA residents, under CPL will pay a higher electric rate for no intelligent reason.

    The only jobs it will create are maintainance jobs, which will be replacement jobs for those who work at coal plants who will lose their jobs. And, I'll bet there are less workers needed, so the net will be job loss.

    Julian Castro, the mayor, has his eye on the liberal wing of the Democratic party as a future presidential candidate. He is building his bonafides, ie, streetcars, solar, sustainable this and that. Nothing more.

  2. So, in other words, building for the future?


  3. The Mayor was talking about this on KTSA this morning. KTSA ia an ultra right wing station so I'm surprised that the host, Trey Ware didnt' attack Castro with any of the above information.

  4. Ahi viene Robstown a comer postre tambien!! D:

    Et tu Rosse

  5. Wait and see. Ask a San Antonian in about 2 years how much their power rates went up.

    A few months ago, SA Express News did a story on how much CPL paid for solar power. It was about 18 cents per KWH. That is 16 cents per KWH higher than they paid for coal, and 14 cents higher than they paid for natural gas.

    So, you tell me how San Antonian's are going to like higher utility bills with very few, if any, job benifits.

    And ps, building solar is not building for the future. The technology has been around since the 50's and has never gone anywhere. Nor will it now.


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