Monday, January 23, 2012

Fees, Fees, Fo Fum

So how do we get more money to spend?? Think! Think!!

It appears that our city leaders are once again coming down with a touch of revenue fee-ver. In the last couple of weeks, our illustrious leaders have managed to come up with some ways to fatten the city's coffers. Chances are that our seedy council is getting a little bit worried that they might actually have to watch what they spend and of course, they'll have no part of that.

One particular new source of (increased) revenue is the City of Laredo's firefighter training facilities. City council figured it was time to raise the rates charged to those coming into our fair city to improve their fire-fighting skills.

So much for drawing visitors and putting more heads in beds. The rather substantial increases in training fees are sure to make former clients think twice before heading back to the Gateway City.

As an example, check out the change in fees below.
                                                                Old Fee                                 New Fee

1. Emergency Medical Services and related fields
Course: EMT                                          $750                                      $1,400

              Paramedic                                 $2,900                                   $4,000

Moving right along, council Mike Garza came up with the big idea of charging every single person (kids) who use the city's baseball parks some sort of fee so that they are registered into the city's system.  Naturally, Garza made it seem as if his main concern was to make sure that everyone using the parks is actually a resident of Laredo.

In the meantime, Airport Director Jose Flores has brought up the possibility of charging a fee for any company that leaves broken down planes at the airport for an extended amount of time. Perhaps some of these ideas do deserve to be at least considered does the need to cut back on spending.

What say you Seedy Council?


  1. Remember this, if you get a list of kids who use the park, you can go to their parents for campaign money or know, "I (insert council person name) will do whatever I can to spend money in your backyard."

  2. A potential donor list? Come on Tom Wade, you think our council members would stoop to that? OK, it was just a rhetorical question.Cha-ching!

  3. I don't mind people from Nuevo Laredo coming over to use our parks, but if teams are going to be charged for using different fields, I hope it's something nominal and fair.

    City crews were at the Slaughter Park last weekend doing what seemed like spreading grass seeds on the soccer fields and watering heavily. I realize the upkeep it takes to maintain the facilities; I just hope local and visiting leagues aren't taken for a ride.


  4. What many have told me is that the problem with using/abusing the parks/lights/schedules is not with the kids' leagues but with the adult leagues.

  5. you voted for them.

  6. Negatory on that -did not vote for any of them.

  7. Just thought of this....somebody is going to have to pay for that HUGE rec center on Clark street....just sayin...

  8. You mean the Haynes Recreation Center or as councilman Rangel insists on calling it "The Hines recreation center".