Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taco Palenque garners many positive reviews

More from online reviews of some of the Gateway City's places popular with tourists and visitors to our humble town. Following is the take by some guy by the name of Levi H. from Vicksburg, Virginia. As it turns outk, he offered this rather generous review of Taco Palenque on Laredo's historic La Sanbe (La Sanber).

How have I never heard of Taco Palenque before?

I was in Laredo on a business trip when a co-worker suggested Taco Palenque.  I love Mexican food, so I was on-board.

The meat was well-seasoned and full of flavor.  The meat was tender and not full of gristle and fat.

The tortillas were fresh and very tasty, in fact all the condiments, rice, salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole were all made fresh.

I wolfed down the meal and helped myself to the salsa bar.

The food reminds me of the type of mexican food I would find in Southern California and my few trips south of the border.

The restaurant was clean and is on par with an older fast-food restaurant motiff.

It helps if you speak a little spanish, as they call out your order number in spanish and once you get above 10....I'm lost.

I will definitely stop in Taco Palenque again when the opportunity arises.

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