Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Language: It's easy to date yourself

If I'm not mistaken, Tom Terrific appeared on "Captain Kangaroo"

Renowned veteran journalist Sam Donaldson was on the radio this morning and giving his take of the current Republican Primary race in Florida. He's of the opinion that if Rick Santorum places third (as he very well may), that he will most likely drop out of the race.

In regards to Ron Paul, Donaldson mentioned that the cranky Paul is probably in for the long haul. The reason: according to Donaldson, Paul has followers that are very loyal to him and will stick with him "like flypaper".  Flypaper?

Yes, I know what it is and certainly remember seeing it many a time-but that was many years ago. I'm sure that it's still being manufactured and used but personally, I havent' seen any for a while.

The point being, I increasingly know what it feels like to allude to some person, event, song, movie or character only to have others look at me with a sort of blank stare. I forget that not everyone knows who Underdog or Tom Terrific was. The same goes when I mention Dr. Zeko, Ramirez Mini-Max, Gibson Discount Center and other assorted names of Laredo's history.


  1. Don't forget:

    "Supercar" and "Silly Putty"

    Of course Sam Donaldson remembers conversations like, "Look Noah, the Ark is leaking...."

  2. Wizard Wiz's Pizza, Tumble Inn, Western Grill, tony Vela's Jitney Jungle... Viejononon!

  3. Yeppers, Wizard Wicks Laredo's first pizza as far as I know. Y luego cuando tenias que marcar RA-23456 para hacer una llamada por telefono. I remember when they told us we were going to have start dialing ALL 7 numbers- Hijole!


    1. Wizard Wicks had the best pepperoni pizza with that twisted edge on the crust and the RC Cola that made it so memorable! Laredo was a fun place to grow up in the 60s and 70s.

  4. Don't forget:

    The Glass Kitchen - 6 Hamburgers for $1.00!!!!!
    The Bordertown, The Tivoli,
    My father's favorite cantina "Aca Chonitos"
    Deliganis Restaurant,
    The neighborhood corner store "Chevitas." He didn't have paper bags so he wrapped the boxes of sanitary pads with leftover Christmas wrapping paper. That's why we always sent our younger brother to Chevitas until he realized what he was buying.