Sunday, January 15, 2012

Laredoans-to-be ask "Is it safe?"

Below is an entry from It's a question from a prospective Laredoan about the state of the Gateway City in regards to safety. Following is a response from someone who identifies him/herself as a 28-year Laredo resident.

Moving to laredo, tx. is it safe?

I am 7 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend and I are relocating from fort worth to laredo. I have heard it is dangerous...should I be worried? Please tell me about this town, even if t scares me
Response:  Here are the facts:
Ft. Worth has a crime index of 441, Laredo is a little higher with 475. The national average is 319. People that just talk and don't listen to the news think that Laredo and Nuevo Laredo Mexico are the same place. Those folk must also think that Rome Georgia, and Rome Italy are the same. Nuevo Laredo is the unsafe place, Laredo is nothing special when it comes to crime. As the other writer noted, try to get a place on the west or north side of town, stay away from the south side. What crime we have seems to be out there mostly.

About El Paso...... it is one of the 10 safest cities in the US!

Source(s): 28 year Laredo resident


  1. This guy should work for the Chamber of Commerce. For years I tried to get the Chamber to post crime rankings on it's webpage. To this day, nothing.

    Way to 28 year old.

  2. "Laredo is nothing special . . . "

    Woo Hoo! All right.

  3. Yep, I agree that guy should give the chamber and the LVCB a seminar on how to allay fears about the Gateway City.

    BTB, come on now- you're playing the Fox News game - taking things out of context "Laredo is nothing special....when it comes to crime".

    On second thought, I can see what you mean. Where's Bordertown:Laredo when you need them- Now those are some ambassadors!!

  4. I--unlike Fox News--do not take myself seriously. Good try, though.

    But, you are right--we need Laredo's true ambassadors to really put forth Laredo's culture. Who else but the Bordertown: Laredo crew.

  5. Fox News don't take themselves seriously do they? I thought even they knew they're a joke. What type of pitchfork do you recommend BTB? Are you a P&T afficionado? I don't want to go out in the streets with a less-than-stellar pitchfork that's for sure.


  6. Crime in Laredo depends on the individual's experience. How many Laredoans have been victims of crime? you? Your neighbor? Your neighborhood? what percentage of the crime that happens in Laredo is Mexico related?