Saturday, January 14, 2012

Attention BTB : Martha's Museum Opens!!

If there's anyone that's more eager than myself to get in line (yes, loooong line) for the Washington Birthday Celebration's museum it's has to be fellow-blogger BorderTown Blues. Not even our yearly George & Martha candidates can exude as much sheer joy and anticipation as the WBCA month-long festivities are just around the corner.

So here's to you, BTB. You've waited all year for this incredible time of year and, in deference, to your love of the WBCA, I'll keep this post short. We will all eagerly await your full coverage of the dazzling array of events as they unfold.


  1. I'm sure "La Raza" awaits with anticipation!

  2. I Know my native West Side is all abuzz with the opening of the WBCA Museum. Who wouldn't? I can't blame BTB for following this celebration so closely.