Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest not too thrilled with local hotel stay

From, comes this scathing review on one of the local hotels. In this particular case, it appears that the Eagle Ford Shale actually contributed to the visitors' miserable Laredo experience as you'll soon see.

Courtyard by Marriott Laredo

A recent visitor to the Gateway City had the following to say about their stay at the Mariott Courtyard on historic La Sanbe Avenue, right across from the soon-to-be-sold Civic Center

We have stayed here numerous times over the decade we have been married...probably at least three or four trips annually of about two or three nights each. Never again.

Firstly, there were bedbugs in our room!!! They bit our children, my husband and me!. The one who was attacked the worst was our 15 month old baby! His torso, and around his diaper are covered in bites! SO THAT was one bad thing...The beds are worn out. A few years ago, they renovated and the beds were so comfy...the beds are no longer plush--but very worn out. Not to mention, infested with BED BUGS!!!

THE OTHER is that apparently, Hallibruton has a rather large project in Cotulla. The guys are all staying at the Marriott Courtyard. When we were there, they were not working because they were waiting on a part to be delivered. They would hang out around the hotel--which really has no place to hang out-- drinking beer all day. Several would sit on the bench outside the fron of the property with a box of beer on the ground beside them. All. Day. Long. It's a tiny property so there really isn't a place to hang out--other than the bench in the front and the pool.

Like I said, we have spent MANY nights at this hotel, and this was by far the very worst experience we have ever had. Disappointed and disgusted. I'm thinking next trip, we will be at the Holiday Inn.

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