Sunday, January 29, 2012

Etymologists shed light on origins of "jamboozie"

Remember that Jamboozie aspires to one day become "just" like Mardi Gras

Now that it's been a smashing (see smashed) success, Jamboozie revelers are no doubt recovering from various stages of hangover. Even one local visitor to the festivities explained that he takes his family "early" because he knows full well that the party crowd (see borrachines) comes out at night!

It all makes sense when we consider the orgin of the word for which the festival is named. Jamboozie appears to derive from the French phrase J'aime booze which literally translates into I love booze.

The meaning is a little bit clearer if we translate it from French to Spanish: In French, we say "J'aim booze", in Spanish it's "Yo amo booze" and of course here on the border it's Jamboozie or I love boozie!

Who would've thunk, drunk!


  1. J'aime booze, as in some guy named Jaime will get smashed with booze, and the rest of you should do the same.

    I've gone to this thing a couple of times, and I got there early (before 6) to avoid the enty fee. I only did that because I was going in as a blogger looking for material. I didn't stay for the night's festivities.


  2. All in the line of duty Keyrose. The annonymity that those weird masks provide only fuels to the desire to get smashed is my take on it (hic).