Saturday, January 14, 2012

A City of Two tales: Laredo & The Eagle Ford Shale

Always hawking jobs over virtually any other concern, Mayor Salinas was probably very happy with yesterday's Eagle Ford Shale Job & Vendor Fair at the Laredo Energy Arena.  Salinas has always focused on the economic $$ positives of the Eagle Ford Shale play while turning a dear ear/blind eye to the many documented cases of pollution and toxic spills on the roads and highways of the Gateway City.

It was therefore fortunate that Pro8News last night ran a rather "fair and balanced" report that presented both the negative and positive aspects of the Eagle Ford Frenzy.  LaredoTejas salutes the Rio Grande International Study Group's Tricia Cortez for pulling off this much-needed service so that our public is well-informed on the wider picture of the ongoing Oil & Gas boom.

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