Thursday, January 5, 2012

Local, local news

"Willie Bote" photo compliments of Que Fregados

In local, local news, trash pick-up is finally back on regular schedule today (Thursday). During the Christmas and New Year Holidays, it was pretty near impossible to predict whether or not there was going to be any garbage pick-up at all.

Case in point: Monday, December 26th was officially a city holiday and thus I fully expected all the wrappings and packages from those Christmas treasures would not be picked up until that Thursday. Well, for some reason, I decided to call 311 to just make sure. I was really surprised when the lady told me that there were some "volunteer" city workers picking up trash in certain locations. She suggested we take out the trash and if it had not been picked up by 12 Noon, to bring it back in.  Pos, dicho y hecho, the volunteers showed up around 11am, zipping up and down our street. Sad to say, many of the neighbors assumed there was going to be no pick up and missed out.

Fast forward to Monday, January 2nd: I told some neighbors that there might, again, be some volunteers out picking up our trash that day even though the city was officially on Holiday.  Nambre, ni pa' que! almost no one heeded my advice. Well, come 10am , there's the whirrr of the truck again, just as I had mentioned and sure enough, several neighbors scurrying around in a hurry, rolling their "Willie Botes" to the curb.

I tell you, some Laredoans just have to be so stubborn that they can't take even the smallest piece of advice.   Well, that's all for Local, Local news for now.  Thanks for reading.


  1. I'm used to taking out the trash on Mondays. KGNS reported that no trash pick-up would be done on both holiday Mondays.

    The day after Christmas, trash was picked up, but I hadn't taken the can outside. My neighbor from across the street told me to put it on her side of the street so when the truck would come back this way......
    I was saved.

    For Jan. 2, again the news reported no trash pick-up, but I put my can outside and it was collected.

    Thank you, Solid Waste staff.


  2. Glad to hear you got some good neighbors KR. I thought KGNS was the Good Neighbor Station?