Wednesday, January 18, 2012

KCS (Tex-Mex) business keeps right on track!

Kansas City Southern Chief Executive David Starling looks forward to a good year for the railroad and is pursuing new opportunities.
"Hello Laredo, we've got brand new KCS engines to block your streets with & there's not a dang thing y'all can do about it!"

David Starling, chief executive of railroad holding company Kansas City Southern (KSU), can tell you all about it. KCS is a hot shot in the freight-hauling game. In the U.S., it has the shortest north-south rail route between its home base of Kansas City, Mo., and several key ports along the Gulf of Mexico.

South of the border, its Kansas City Southern de Mexico's core route runs along the shortest, most direct rail passageway between Mexico City and Laredo, Texas. KCSM's lines provide exclusive rail access to the U.S. and Mexico border crossing at Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, the largest rail freight interchange point between the two nations.

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