Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Alcohol at WBCA events

Jammin' George says "The right to imbibe into a drunken stupor shall not be infringed"
From the WBCA website: The Boys and Girls' club wine tasting event
Live entertainment, auctions, dancing, and fine wine abound in this black tie affair that benefits the Boys and Girls Clubs of Laredo.

Guests sample delectable hor d’oeuvres and delicious gourmet as they are wined, dined and encouraged to dig deep into their hearts and pockets for a good cause.

Prizes that range from romantic getaways to hunting gear make this event an attractive destination for adventurers and philanthropists alike.
And, don't forget another source of alcohol, Tequila! Please be sure to dress formally while you (hic) sample the various Tequilas at this festive, black-tie event.

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  1. I want a "ripple" tasting event at the WBC. You know, as an homage to Fred Sanford . . .