Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Laredo continues as the copywright infringement capitol of the US

We've all seen countless Warner Brothers and Disney ripoffs throughout the Gateway City. LaredoTejas even dedicated a post to the Walter Lantz/Chilly Willy spinoff also known as Los Pinguinos .

It therefore comes as no surprise that the Austin American Statesman is reporting a rather sizeable confiscation of counterfeit goods at the Laredo port of entry. I guess the word has spread throughout the world, that when it comes to copywright infringement, Laredo has no equal.

From The Austin American Statesman


  1. You must have read BT Blues, huh? Copyright infringement goes hand in hand with the Bordertown.

  2. Oh yeah, avid reader of BTB. Even the name "Laredo" was "copied" from a Spanish town. So yes, it's the culture's DNA.